Benedikt Loepp, M.Sc.

Benedikt Loepp I'm a reseacher and PhD student in the Interactive Systems research group at the University of Duisburg-Essen. My research interests are at the intersection of human-computer interaction and machine learning, focusing on recommender systems, in particular, preference elicitation and interactive recommending.

Since 2012, I'm also administrative coordinator for Computer Science in the MINTroduce project, supporting study beginners at the university and being responsible for the program’s preliminary courses. Besides, I was involved in the ColognE-mobil project part II. Furthermore, I've contributed to several research developments, e.g. Blended RecommendingTagMF, and the Archaeological Sandbox. Besides research, I enjoy my teaching activities, including a lecture on Recommender Systems.

Since 2014, I'm webmaster of the official ACM RecSys website, and regularly serve as web chair for the conference.


  • Mail: bene(anti-spam)dikt.loepp [at] un(anti-spam)i-due [dot] d(anti-spam)e
  • Twitter: @BenediktLoepp

Please also visit LinkedIn profile and my page at the Interactive Systems research group to find out more about my academic experiences.


to appear

  • Naveed, S., Loepp, B., & Ziegler, J. (2020).
    On the Use of Feature-based Collaborative Explanations: An Empirical Comparison of Explanation Styles.
    In ExUM '20: Proceedings of the International Workshop on Transparent Personalization Methods based on Heterogeneous Personal Data.
  • Ziegler, J., & Loepp, B. (to appear).
    Handbuch Digitale Wirtschaft. In T. Kollmann (Ed.),
    (Chap. Empfehlungssysteme). Springer.








A list of publications is also available in the digital library of the University of Duisburg-Essen or in my Google Scholar profile.